Phobia #73

am drinking gin and tonics alone in the house. trying to forget things

like    my roommate only eats chocolate milk once a day and i wake up most nights with a bloody face

being in Brooklyn feels weird at least I’m not in a murder motel

In the middle of nowhere Canada 2 AM:
my friend just woke me up to tell me she’s absolutely sure we are going to get murdered. Nothing I can do except spray Angel Rejuvenation and hold my coyote ear. And wait for death I guess.

2 beers
I have thrown up twice today and heard so many church bells

just bought a lot of cds @ halfprice for this road trip and am fairly certain that my road trip partner is not going to love my fantastic mix of bjork, alanis morissette, tracy chapman, and fergie. 


"I’ve been doing some research. In real life there is no algebra."
Twin Peaks (1990)

Barton springs twice in one day, margaritas, and the radio.

Have had (1) drag of (1) cigarette in the past (6) days


JEREMY MEEKS WHEATGRASS plant (Courtroom Accessories), 2014
Sculpture, Remix

Donald Sultan

Already having nightmares of me telling relatives that no I do not know what the fuck I am going to do post-college.